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Emunah is one of the leading social welfare organisations in Israel and the largest Zionist provider of human services, with a strong emphasis on Jewish values.

In 2008, Emunah was awarded the prestigious ‘Israel Prize’ for lifetime achievement and exceptional contribution to the nation.

  • Emunah provides lifesaving services to families at risk including infants, children, adolescents, adults, and senior citizens who unfortunately need extra help and support.


  • More than 10,000 individuals and families receive essential care at Emunah’s almost 200 locations.


  • Emunah Australia is an active supporter of Emunah projects in Israel. It is our belief that together we can create a strong society to secure Israel’s future.


Family Counselling and Therapy

The network of Emunah Family Counseling Centers extends throughout the country. Every month the counselling centers treat 400 families in Israel.

Children's Emergency Shelters

Emunah operates 3 emergency and crisis centers located within our children’s homes for children that have been removed from their homes, under serious circumstances, often by court order.

Day Care Centres

Emunah operates a diverse network of 130 day-care centres (crèches) serving more than 8,000 children daily, including 3,000 vulnerable children from welfare families.

College of Art & Technology for Women

The Emunah College educates young women in the fields of fine arts, visual communication, and drama within a religious Zionist framework.

Children's Villages

Emunah’s highly regarded children’s homes, youth villages and crisis centres provide a safe, secure and nurturing haven to many of Israel’s most vulnerable children.

Education and Learning

Emunah operates four highly regarded High Schools in Israel. Many of our students are of immigrant families from Ethiopia or the former Soviet Union, and live in low socio-economic neighborhoods.

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Australia's Projects

Donate to any of these worthy causes that Emunah Australia is currently supporting. All donations are tax deductible.

Beit Weinstein Counselling Program

Beit Weinstein is a unique vocational high school for girls run by Emunah in Bnei Brak. The students are all vulnerable teenagers who have frequently dropped out of other schools.  These girls have given up on themselves or have been given up on by others, and many arrive self-harming or suicidal. Beit Weinstein teaches these girls to believe in themselves. 

Each morning there are counselling sessions and breakfast provided, even before classes begin.  Currently, Beit Weinstein only has one part time counsellor and urgently needs more professional help in order to meet the needs of its students.

Emunah Circles

Therapy groups helping women in crisis with emotional support and psychological care. Emunah Circles offers women practical support, guidance and directed solutions when they are most needed. Because a woman will often be at the centre of a family or social group, supporting her through a period of stress will send ripples of support far beyond the individual in the program.

Beit Gilboa

Fitout of new residential unit for high-risk boys at the Afula Children’s Center  for 8-12 boys with complex emotional and behavioral issues. Most suffer from symptoms of PTSD due to serious abuse and neglect. These are amongst the most vulnerable boys in the system. The unit aims to provide a safe, self contained environment, with a low staff:child ratio and the most experienced house parents. The purpose is to protect the children, both those in the unit and the others in the home. 

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