Ella Leibler's Bat Mitzvah

Donation to Emunah Australia to assist Beit Gilboa

in honour of Ella Leibler’s Bat Mitzvah

In honour of my Bat Mitzvah I am raising money for Emunah’s Sarah Herzog Children’s Center in Afula, specifically for Beit Gilboa.


Beit Gilboa is a new residential unit for high-risk boys at the Center. It will houseĀ  8-12 boys with complex emotional and behavioral issues.

Most suffer from symptoms of PTSD due to serious abuse and neglect. These are amongst the most vulnerable boys in the system. The unit aims to provide a safe, self contained environment, with a low staff:child ratio and the most experienced house parents.

The purpose is to protect the children, both those in the unit and the others in the home.

Your donations will go directly towards a custom fitout of an existing residence that will provide a safe and secure facility for these boys.