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Tuition Scholarships for struggling families at Ramle Multi-Purpose Day Care Center

The Emunah Ramle Multipurpose Daycare Centre provides specialised, intensive support to underprivileged children and families experiencing disadvantage and hardship. Staff ensure that the children's safety and wellbeing are optimised every single day. Social workers and allied health professionals provide care and therapy from early morning to late evening. Additional interventions are aimed at supporting the children's families, including parenting skills training.


The Ramle Centre operates on a highly subsidised basis, providing services to its targeted community who largely have extremely low resources. Currently, many of the families attending this wonderful facility are unable to contribute even at these very reduced rates. This situation is placing the Centre under financial strain, and it is struggling to maintain its full array of services whilst operating at a loss.


Here is what some of the families attending the Ramle Centre look like:


Yehudit Cohen* is a single mother of six children from two different fathers. Her past relationships were marked by physical, psychological and financial violence. She suffers from depression and has difficulty functioning. She struggles to maintain employment and does not receive regular child support from her ex partners.


Chanan and Ayelet Levy* is a couple with one child. The father suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and receives a disability pension. The mother is his primary carer and therefore unable to seek employment. Their financial resources are extremely strained.


David and Shira Rachamim* comprises a couple with six children. The father is alcoholic and was recently detained for one year on drug trafficking charges. He is now under a community court rehabilitation order. The mother suffers from depression and the relationship has been marked by a range of abuse.

*All real names have been substituted*


Funds raised by this year's Emunah Australia Kol Nidrei Appeal will go directly towards supporting the children and families at the Ramle Multipurpose Daycare Centre.


All donations over $2 are tax deductible and your generosity is deeply appreciated.



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Alternatively, direct deposit is available

Account name: Emunah Australia

BSB: 032-058

Account No: 385464

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